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A New Form of Advertising for Thrift Stores—Email!

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Modern marketers have discovered a powerful medium for advertising—email! Plenty of advantages are obtained if emails are used for the purpose of marketing. Here is what you could do to increase the number of customers to your thrift store—

(1) People will get an idea about your email services if you should place a sign-up box in your store. This box could also be located at the loading section or at the drop off section. Since it is nearby and handy, many will not hesitate to sign up immediately. After all, they will always be kept informed about future offers and bargains!

(2) This innovative form of promoting your store should give you an edge over your rivals, plus help you save on advertising costs. The more people who sign up, the lengthier your list of subscribers becomes. Your basic target should be homeowners, who if once satisfied with your services, will spread their satisfaction by word-of-mouth. Those homeowners, who are in the selling business like you, will love to hear of new stock and bargains.

(3) At some time or the other, these homeowners will resort to selling off their homes. The stuff that they have accumulated over the years will come in useful for your thrift store. Since you helped them out with your email campaigns and aided in simplifying their moving process, they will definitely return the favor.

(4) In case your thrift store has its own website, so much the better! Use it for providing the very same incentives, including free registration that links to your email marketing account. A dual advantage to this is that even those who wish to send material to your store will now be able to locate you easily. So, you end up with customers who are buyers, and those who are sellers.

(5) As your contact list expands via in-store signups and web signups, you can develop your own email marketing strategies and future promotions. Bring in a “forward to your friend/friends” campaign too. This proves beneficial to homeowners especially, once again. Considering that you yourself might have moved house several times, you would realize what a tedious task it can turn out to be. If even one homeowner who has profited by your services is able to pass on you contact information to someone else who wants to move, he/she has done the job for you! After all, it is only when you are shifting to a new home that you discover loads of goods that you would be well rid off forever! Rearranging is another headache to bear! Resolve the homeowner’s frustration and you have got it made.

(6) And there you have your readymade supplier(s) of goods for your store. True, homeowners do not just drop off used goods; they buy things too. But for the most part, through their graciousness, your thrift store is never short on stock, be it for a summer sale or future promotions. Thus, your customers are always bound to go away well satisfied!

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