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Make a Profitable Buck With Your Best Items at Church Flea Markets!

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Considering the present economic crisis that has hit the world today, it is but natural that everyone is looking for ways to earn more money. And obviously, you and I are no different! Well, one suggestion that we can give you is to set up your own booth at a church flea market. We believe it is a good idea, considering that these markets bring in customers from that particular church community, as well as outsiders. And if you play by the rules and play it smart, there is a good chance of raking in reasonable profits!

Why are church flea markets so popular with the general public? Well, the people handling the goods do not come across as businessmen/businesswomen; rather, they create the impression of belonging to a family, a community. This ensures a comfortable atmosphere all around.

Now, if you want to be a successful seller of popular goods, you will need to do some research beforehand. Do attend church services (where the flea market is to be set up) a few times, to discover market needs—that is, what is it that people would like to own? Again, it is imperative that you know who your customers might be—older citizens, small families, young couples, Americans, African-Americans, and so on. In case you are not able to get the required information, go chat up the flea market organizer and find out! Your items should generally cater to the needs of all individuals. You could go in for toys, baby products, games, cribs, and family items. Second-hand clothing that has seen gentle hands, that is, is in good condition, can be sold too. The Salvation Army people would be appreciative, at least.

Every church puts forth its own rules and regulations where its flea markets are concerned. There is a list of can-be-sold items and cannot-be-sold items. Additionally, you are supposed to have a legal resale license. Then again, church patrons set some moral standards even for flea markets. It would be foolish on your part to try and sell any form of weapons (even toys), DVDs that come with an R-rating, goods meant purely for adults—in fact, anything that is considered sacrilegious!

On a final note, flea markets are held not only in churches, but also as a part of commercial markets and school activities. The difference lies in the products that are put up for sale. Since schools and churches are small institutions, their markets are more personalized in nature and handle smaller goods. Commercial markets, on the other hand, would go in for large items, as well as brand-new merchandise.


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