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It is “Boom” Time for Thrift Shops Now!

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What with global economy taking a nosedive, no businessman/businesswoman can boast of a thriving business now-a-days! In fact, quite a few are even shutting shop—their condition is so bad! Surprisingly, the reverse is true where thrift shops are concerned; they are doing a booming business all over!

As a matter of fact, this should really come as no surprise, considering that the term “thrift” refers to a saving on costs (and everyone is doing just exactly that). It is therefore natural to expect large crowds at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift shops. Prices are either negotiable, or already marked lower than what one would find in regular shops. Household items are very popular, and so are other handy products like tools, gift items, and so on. People do not mind second-hand clothing either, provided they have been used gently and are in a good condition.

Used furniture is displayed for throwaway prices, but imaginative customers do not get put off by them. A close look would reveal why the prices are so low—the paint might have faded, the wood might be chipped off in places, and the general look might not be so appealing. But if you are a person with a creative bent of mind, you could purchase a piece of furniture and indulge in a few repairs. For instance, coffee tables, small tables and chairs—are quite repairable and reusable. A properly-handled repair job would result in something that looked almost as good as new. In fact, if the right colors were to be combined in an innovative way, the finish could look quite expensive; visitors would be awed by your “brand-new furniture!

Now, there are many second-hand stores that display quality items at extremely affordable prices. There are quite a few non-profit organizations such as Goodwill Industries that are concerned only with serving customers from all strata of society. Yard sales are also great places to visit! Then there are local thrift shops offering a large number of bargain items. Additionally, the array of products on display is quite large.

It was quite recently that Chicopee in MA saw Goodwill Industries opening up a second store. The function was a grand success with CNN reporters around to report on the event, as well as customers lining up to shop. The event itself started off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. There were also plenty of giveaways and discounts on offer. To add to the attraction, there were raffles. Most important of all, branded products of high quality were on display along with the lesser-priced bargain items. Thus, the store tried to cater to all sorts of individual tastes.

Thus, thrift shop owners are doing a booming business!

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