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Your Home Can Look Stylish Even with Thrift Store Finds!

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The natural impression that everyone has of a thrift store is that it is a great place for bargain items; it is a place where you can buy used goods for reasonable prices. The same impression is carried over to yard sales, consignment stores, and swap meets. What any of us might find hard to believe is that a thrift store also yields great finds that can convert our ordinary homes into extraordinary ones! Yes, your interior decoration might acquire a touch of class and stylishness merely with the addition of something obtained from a thrift store or a consignment store!

Now, how do you go about acquiring what you desire from these sales and stores? Well, you will have to be ready to spend a few hours in sifting through the items on display; cursory looks are going to fetch nothing! You must have an eye for what used material can be transformed into an object of elegance and beauty via a good repair job. For instance, a fresh coat of paint, use of a stencil, and an antique finish are more than enough to transform a simple chair or table (or even other pieces of wooden furniture) into a fashionable item. Similarly, other second-hand goods might just require simply carpentry repairs, additional decorations, and so on—to get that sleek look! The benefit is that you do not need to spend too much on these goods; at a regular shop, you might have to shell out a fortune to get “readymade decorative items.”

Experienced “hunters” will know where to find what they need and when the items are available. You can acquire similar expertise if you haunt thrift stores once in two weeks at least. Unique goods always disappear faster than you can wink; so make it a habit to visit on Mondays when there is the arrival of fresh stock immediately after the weekend rush. Also, keep a list of necessary items, handy. You are bound to find many things, ranging from small to big—and accessories as well. Thus, your home gets decorated with original junk items from thrift stores that have received a fresh lease of life with just a few creative fix-it skills! For more self-confidence, there are umpteen websites that offer guidance on how to repair and recover used furniture; they give you step-by-step guidelines. So now, you can also boast of a real “classy” home!

If you need further convincing, here are a few genuine examples of what can be done with cheap purchases from thrift stores

(1) A used occasional table that was found in a remote antique store and purchased for just 20 dollars, is no longer recognizable today after receiving a glossy black finish and a stenciled design in gold.
(2) Take the example of what one woman did to this hand-carved occasional chair that she paid $40 for at a yard sale. By creating a padded seat with good material and giving it a few finishing touches, she made it fit enough to grace her living room.
(3) How many of you would like to have chaise lounge chairs in your house? Even if you find one that looks shabby and old, priced at 35 dollars only, take it! Your creativity can work wonders and recover its original condition or even make it better than previous! Is it not better than shelling out 700 dollars for a new one?
(4) Another woman found a table lamp with a marble base at a thrift store and bought it for as little as ten dollars. It had Victorian iron scroll work on it. She used a gold finish on the metal and used a good replacement shade—presto, the table lamp was as good as new!<

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